5 Things We Learned From David Tennant About Jessica Jones
David Tennant Jessica Jones
Credit: Noam Galai, AOL    


5 Things We Learned From David Tennant About Jessica Jones


We hope you've cleared your weekend, because Netflix's Jessica Jones drops tomorrow, and you're not going to want to be anywhere except in front of your TV.

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This latest entry into the Marvel universe is a gritty tale about a former superhero (played by Krysten Ritter) trying to restart her life as a private detective. One problem — the mind-controlling villain who plagued her past isn't done with her yet.

That villain, known as Kilgrave, AKA The Purple Man, is played by Doctor Who fan fave David Tennant. The Scottish star chatted about his exciting new role at an AOL Build event on Tuesday, November 16 in New York.

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While David joked he was "read the riot act" about not spilling any spoilers, he did dish 5 exciting details about the new series that will have to hold you over until you binge watch it all tomorrow:

David Tennant Jessica Jones
Credit: Noam Galai, AOL    

David was the first choice for the role... not that he knew it. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, who also attended an AOL Build event explained that David was always her first choice for the role. At first, he wasn't available, but that ended up changing, much to her delight. The best part? He had no idea!

"I wonder who they went to in the meantime," he laughed.

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No, The Purple Man isn’t literally purple.
While The Purple Man is known for literally purple skin in the Jessica Jones comics, David confirms that's not happening on the show, at any point. "Some things don't translate from the two dimensional page to the live action world," he explained.

Noam Galai, AOL
Credit: Noam Galai, AOL    

But he does wear a lot of purple suits. That said, the purple spirit is not lost: David's character wears a different purple suit in every single scene he's in. "I think we got every purple suit in Manhattan," he joked. "I think we get through all the purples, and at the end we're nudging into navy. We've exhausted all the possibilities!"

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The Purple Man doesn't see himself as a villain.
David explained he works very hard to understand where his characters are coming from, even one as evil as Kilgrave, who controls minds. "Despite the fact that Kilgrave is irredeemable in a lot of ways, that's not how he sees himself."

"He genuinely doesn't believe he's doing anything wrong," he added. "Because he lacks empathy ... Within his world of acquiescence he can't appreciate he's doing terrible things ... Everything says to anyone around him, they do exactly what they tell him to do. So it's quite difficult to maintain a sense of human empathy in those circumstances."

His favorite episode is Episode 9. David's very favorite episode in Episode 9, so prepare yourselves!

Catch Jessica Jones starting tomorrow, Friday, November 20 on Netflix.