\'Dawson\'s Creek\' Reunion: Joshua Jackson Wants Jen to Be a Ghost
Joshua Jackson
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‘Dawson’s Creek’ Reunion: Joshua Jackson Wants Jen to Be a Ghost


Reunions are all the rage these days, and Joshua Jackson has some very interesting thoughts about what could happen if Dawson's Creek jumped aboard the bandwagon.

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"People always forget that Michelle Williams’ Jen character was killed off," the 37-year-old pointed out to ET. (We would like to state for the record we did not forget that very important fact!)

So does that mean a reunion would have to do without her? No, of course not!

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"I guess she could come back as a ghost, or they could do it like Dallas did and have someone wake up and find her alive in the shower 20 years later," the Fringe actor mused. "That could work!"

Or maybe Dawson's Creek could tap into that sci-fi cult hit's playbook and have an alternate universe Jen show up. Crossover alert!

Sadly, we have to point out this is all just joking speculation, at least for now.

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As far as we know, there's no such reunion actually in the works, and the Affair actor seemed to confirm that, saying show creator "Kevin WIlliamson would have to ask" for him to consider reprising the role of Pacy.

Someone should get on this idea, ASAP! We don't want to wait for our lives to be over — or for the show to miss the boat on this trend.