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Danielle Lombard Says Dean Unglert Connection Was “Much Deeper” Than We Saw (UPDATE)


UPDATE (9/12/2017 at 5 p.m. ET):

Danielle Lombard is finally getting a chance to speak her piece!

The Bachelor in Paradise star was woefully denied her turn during last night's (September 11) finale reunion, getting only a brief chance to call Dean Unglert out on playing her and Kristina Schulman after filming wrapped.

Now, she's speaking out on social media — and defending her "deep connection" with the Colorado hunk!

Alongside the above kissing photo of herself and Dean — presumably from the weeks after Paradise wrapped when they hung out in L.A. — the brunette beauty clarifies their relationship.

"It's heartbreaking and disappointing to see how my relationship was depicted as something only surface level," she writes

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She continues, "Dean and I's connection was so much deeper. Call us kindred spirits or free souls... our outlook on life and love was similar (or so I thought). However, just because I am looking for someone to 'have fun with,' explore the world, and try new things, does not mean that I don't want monogamy. "

She goes on to explain her lack of tears during the confrontation with the 26-year-old, saying, "We have a tendency to become defensive when we see someone physically in pain, but just because they never showed me crying or being upset doesn't mean that I wasn't."

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She adds, "This show was one of the most challenging, emotionally trying experiences I have endured."

The Cali native also wants to note how she's never said a negative word about either party, or told her ex-fling "how he should feel or who he should choose."

Instead, she's now choosing to "move forward" and learn from her mistakes.

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"There are so many other things that we can be investing our time and energy into - things that can improve and change the world. So please be respectful to everyone ❤️ Spread more love, less hate," she concludes.

Amen to that! Click through for more on this ongoing triangle.


Original story (9/11/2017 at 2 p.m. ET):

On tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 finale reunion, we’ll see Dean Unglert face the music a bit for his love triangle with Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard.

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But in real time, we’re getting a much more satisfying — if not completely awkward — conversation between the fan favorite turned “f—k boy” and the women he wronged.

It’s all thanks to Ellen DeGeneres!

In recent weeks, Kristina and Dean seemed to be addressing their former (and maybe current?) relationship, though in very different ways.

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Then, last week, the 26-year-old hunk teased that the two might not be over after all, saying “hopefully there’s a time that we can figure it out and see what happens from there.”


“We’re just for now casually talking and seeing if there’s anything there,” he concluded.

That time appears to be now — on Ellen!

In the episode, airing September 11, the talk show host gets the story from all three parties in the triangle.

Went from sitting in the audience to sitting on stage. Thank you for having us @theellenshow it was awkward but it was awesome

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Though Danielle maintains she “didn’t know the extent” of KrisDeana’s relationship, she also insists she’d “confirmed” that they weren’t committed, which the comedian doesn’t buy.

“Who confirmed that for you? Because that’s not true,” Ellen points out, as everyone awkwardly laughs.


D.Lo rationalizes that Dean himself confirmed as much, which seems to satisfy the host for now. Instead, she turns to what attracted the women to him in the first place — aside from his looks.

That’s when Kristina tells a sweet story about the first day of filming, when the “sweet” Colorado-raised fella brought shivering Raven and Alexis towels when they got out of the water.


“I just kind of wasn’t used to seeing that from the guys I’ve dated. It was just kind,” the Russian beauty admits.

“Maybe you haven’t been around an ocean,” Ellen quips.

The heat turns to the Bachelorette alum next, as Ellen grills him on whether he was “honest enough” with Kristina.

Tomorrow on @theellenshow we spill the on what went down in Mexico within the love triangle, must tune in! #BachelorInParadise

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He allows that he handled things “pretty poorly,” reasoning that leaving the “Bachelor bubble” for the break in production is what spurred him to want to slow things down in the first place.

The former tech recruiter also reveals that he asked producers to leave after Kristina eliminated herself in Week 4, saying he was “so broken up about it.”


Now, he’s focusing on “learning from it,” while the woman whose heart he broke is seemingly open to trying things again.

“Only if this guy learns from his mistakes,” Kristina teases with a smile, as he beams next to her.

Dean adds,“I think that I personally have a lot of growth to do. But she’s amazing, and I hope that we continue to talk and see where that might lead.”

We don’t see D.Lo’s reaction, though we assume she’s sitting next to the two of them feeling totally awkward.

It’s obvious he’s feeling remorse for his bad behavior, though he did tell ETOnline.com he finds being called a “f—kboy” to be “annoying,” stating that it makes him “die inside.”

“Of course, it's everyone's freedom of expression to call me whatever they want to call me, but at this point,” he reasons, “it's just getting overplayed and overused.”

He continues, "While I disagree with that, I can see how my actions reflect it.”

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Actions that, he agrees, most likely lost him the next Bachelor 2018 gig.

“I talked about it very informally with a few people, but there was never a formal offer extended or anything like that," he starts.

“If you watch two episodes of Paradise, you'll see very quickly why I'm not the Bachelor this year,” he concludes.

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As we mentioned, the handsome contestant is learning from his mistakes — but that doesn’t mean he regrets them.

“I don’t necessarily regret it because had I not done it, I wouldn’t have been able to look back with the perspective of knowing what I did wrong,” he tells People.

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He also explains the recent post he made about Kristina, captioning a shot of the two with “You were out of my league.”

“The caption is an inside joke between us — it’s one of our favorite songs,” he divulges.

You were out of my league

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“That was more in reference to her and less to everyone else. I understand how it comes across as me being slightly passive aggressive.”

Either way, it’s clear these two haven’t closed the chapter on one another — something Chris Harrison agrees with.

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“There’s some things he can’t come back from,” he starts. “It’ll be love lost and a lesson learned. But I felt like it’s not over between him and Kristina.”

If Dean isn’t able to win the 26-year-old dental hygienist back, he at least has Ben Higgins on his side going forward.

Collectively, we're all pretty bad at relationships

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Apparently, the former Bachelor has become a mentor of sorts for his fellow Coloradan, as he too “was under a lot of heat for his actions during The Bachelor.”

“It's nice to have someone that's been through that situation speak first hand about how to handle it,” he details to ETOnline.com.

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Also helping him going forward will be his new podcast, Help! I Suck at Dating, which is currently in the works.

“It's [in] very early stages, but we're working on it,” he shares.

“It will be just me. I'm going to get advice. We're going to call in experts and help give advice, because yes, I do suck at dating, and I think there are a lot of people out there that suck at dating but want to improve at it.”

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 finale airs tonight, September 11 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.