DeMario Jackson Calls Out Rachel Lindsay on Instagram: “Stop Being Petty”
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DeMario Jackson

DeMario Jackson Calls Out Rachel Lindsay on Instagram: “Stop Being Petty”


The beef between DeMario Jackson and Rachel Lindsay is never ending!

The Bachelor in Paradise star competed for the Dallas native’s heart on the most recent season of The Bachelorette, but she sent him home after confronting him about having a girlfriend.

Though they seemed to clear the air during the Men Tell All episode in July, it looks like they actually can’t put the past behind them.

It all began on Friday, September 1 when the 32-year-old tweeted that “these Bachelor friendships are fickle and fleeting…#loyalty.”

She didn’t call out anybody specifically, but the 30-year-old decided to clap back at Rach anyway.

In a picture of himself with Bachelor Nation friends Dean Unglert and Adam Gottschalk, DeMario defended the friendships he formed on the show.

"Someone said, 'These Bachelor friendships are fickle and fleeting' and I disagree,” he captioned the photo.  

“These Bachelor friendships got me through a dark time and I'm grateful for my brothers, sisters, and bachelor nation."

He continued, "Hopefully that someone will find real love in paradise next year and stop being petty on social networks.”

Oh, snap!

The California native also included the hashtags, "#RoseBoys #Brothers #Blonde #ImBeingPettyNow #TodayIGotTime #TYBG #HiMom."

Meanwhile, Rach defended herself just last month after DeMario claimed she was only “attracted to white men” during her season of The Bachelorette.

"From the beginning you knew that she was attracted to white men," he said on The E&G Podcast.

"You knew that. No disrespect, you just knew. She had that vibe.”

He continued, “From night one, we all set down, all the guys and I said, 'They're going to have a black representative, either myself or Eric, and they're going to have Dean, Peter, and Brian as the final four.’ We all caught that."

Needless to say the lawyer didn’t take the comment very well and brought up Lexi Thexton, DeMario’s ex, who happens to be white.

"Says the guy that dated Lexi. DeMario never knew me and still doesn't," she commented on the E&J Podcast's Instagram page.

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