Derek Hough Gushes Over Sister Julianne’s Wedding (VIDEO)
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Derek Hough

Derek Hough Gushes Over Sister Julianne’s Wedding (VIDEO)


Derek Hough couldn’t be happier about his sister’s recent nuptials.

Julianne married NHL player Brooks Laich last weekend and according to Derek, the wedding was an emotional and beautiful experience.

It also may have pushed him to start making marriage plans of his own.

“I could write a novel about that week,” the 32-year-old told E! News. “Every moment of every day was planned to perfection.

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“It was effortless. I was transported to another time.”

The World of Dance star also couldn’t help praising his new brother-in-law, happily welcoming him into the family.

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“He is just a great guy,” Derek said. “I said to him, ‘I’ve known Julianne my entire life. I’ve seen every phase she’s gone through.”

“I’ve seen all the different versions of herself trying to figure out who she is and by far this is the best version of her and it’s because of him,” he continued.

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“He’s definitely brought it out of her. I’m so happy for them.”

With his little sister’s wedding being so incredible, Derek now fears he has big shoes to fill.

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The dancer has been dating his Dancing With the Stars costar Hayley Erbert since 2015.

“I’m just gonna elope in Vegas because I’m never going to be able to compete with this amazing wedding,” Derek joked.

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“Julianne’s definitely planning [mine], because it was incredible.”

However, when asked about a possible proposal in the future, Derek wouldn’t give a straight answer.

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“It’s not something we really talk about so much right now,” he said. “It was a wonderful week to be with [Haley] and experience love.”

Though he played it cool about a possible engagement, Derek was very clear about wanting to have kids soon.

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“I don’t want to be an old grandpa when I start having kids,” he revealed. “After that wedding, I’m like, ‘Who knows?’ You feel the love.”

It’s clear love is in the air for the Hough siblings.

You can watch Derek’s full interview in the clip above and let us know what you think about the possibility of another Hough wedding below.