Fans Accuse Derick Dillard of Using His GoFundMe Money on Date Night With Jill
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Fans Accuse Derick Dillard of Using His GoFundMe Money on Date Night With Jill


Jill and Derick Dillard are enjoying each other's company this holiday season — but could it be at their fans' expense?

Derick is under fire yet again on social media after it seemed as though he used money he raised for his ministry work to pay for a night out with his wife instead.

Counting On fans have many reasons to be upset with Derick right about now — TLC even cut ties with the dad of two after he made some derogatory anti-trans comments against network-mate, Jazz Jennings.

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Shortly after his firing, he started a GoFundMe page, where he hoped to raise $10K to help in his ministry efforts with his church.

Money raised would "enable me to fulfill my specific calling to ministry this year, including trips for Gospel-advancement and humanitarian work in Northwest Arkansas, North America, and abroad," he wrote at the time.

Now some followers are calling out the Arkansas native, accusing him of using money fans contributed to his mission to treat his wife to a night out instead.

Enjoying date night with my BFF @jillmdillard #datenight #bestfriends #chocolatemess #marketplace #jalapeofritters

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"Enjoying date night with my BFF," he captioned the above photo of himself, his wife, and their younger son, Samuel, at a restaurant.

Followers were not too kind in the comments.

"Did y'all pay for that with your GoFundMe money?" one wrote, according to InTouch.

Check out my hubbys campaign on the @gofundme website: Search: Derick Dillard

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"These people supposedly have money from the show, so why start a GoFundMe page?" another said.

Apparently a family can't even enjoy an ice cream sundae these days without some backlash!

But Derick and Jill are trekking on despite the haters and proving they're still more in love than ever amid the cheating rumors.

Last month, fans speculated Derick was cheating on his wife after he started tweeting out bible verses about infidelity.

The rumors were never confirmed, and the Duggar family never addressed them.

The parents of two are also slammed pretty much daily for supposed "parenting fails," so it's just another day in the life of a Duggar daughter, we guess.

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Do you think Derick used his mission money for date night? Or are fans being too hard on him? Share below.