Dianna Agron\'s Rumored Feud With Glee: A Timeline
Dianna Agron’s Rumored Feud With Glee: A Timeline
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Dianna Agron’s Rumored Feud With Glee: A Timeline


Of all the feelings we’ve had about Glee’s Cory Monteith tribute, the one that just keeps nagging at us is that Finn’s former girlfriend, Quinn (Dianna Agron) is nowhere to be seen. So why didn’t she return? We’ve heard conflicting reports. Some say Dianna wasn’t asked, others say she didn’t ask to, and there have even been reports that many in the cast just don’t like her.

Qhat’s the deal? Well, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors about Dianna Agron’s feud with the Glee powers that be, or with her castmates. While no one except the people involved really know the truth, we thought it was worth taking a look at the history of the real and rumored rift between the real-life Quinn Fabray and Glee.

Back in September 2012, a report surfaced that Ms. D wanted to leave Glee to become a full-on movie star, among other reasons, and that she was fighting to get out of her contract. Though her rep called it “patently false,” and Ryan Murphy tweeted that she would certainly be back, she hasn’t really been around much since then.

Dianna returned for the Glee’s Season 4 Thanksgiving episode in November 2012, and had a pretty excellent slap fight. But honestly, there was no way that the Yale-bound Quinn could really become part of the central cast again. Glee was already stretching east to New York City so Rachel, Kurt, and Santana could still be in the fold, but more than that? It was up in the air. One visit to New York from Quinn was hardly enough, especially since she barely appeared on the episode.

On September 12, 2013, Dianna revealed that even she herself is completely uncertain about whether she will be on any future episodes. Though several old central cast members are back for the Glee Cory Monteith tribute — pretty much everyone except Brittany — fans know that Dianna isn’t among them.

Ryan Murphy said on October 3 that he put anyone who wanted to be in the episode, in it. Did Di not call the right people or ask at the right time? We don’t know all the details. All we know is that no one directly asked her to appear. One report from October 7 claimed that the rest of the cast flat out did not want her to be present for such a dark and emotional time — Ryan Murphy and Lea Michele, in particular, were said to “intensely dislike” her — while another report fought back against those rumors the following day, saying Dianna is still a part of the Glee family.

So, what’s the truth? Who knows. But we miss Quinn every episode and hope that she returns eventually. We’ve already lost one person central to our best Glee memories. It would be a shame if Quinn faded away because no one thought to ask her back. We’ll do it for them: Dianna, Quinn, please come back...

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