Did Cynthia Bailey Get a Nose Job?
Did Cynthia Bailey Get a Nose Job?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Did Cynthia Bailey Get a Nose Job?


It's no secret that plastic surgery and Real Housewives go hand in hand, but as far as Cynthia Bailey from The Real Housewives of Atlanta goes, the supermodel is all natural. Or, at least her schnoz is.

When one of her Twitter followers recently requested the name of her surgeon so she could get a pretty nose, too, Cynthia made it clear that her elegant beak did not come from a catalog.

"Sorry the nose was God given," Cynthia responded.

If you want to recreate Cynthia's Season 5 Reunion cleavage, however, you are in luck. The Bailey Agency CEO admitted to a boob job early on during Season 3, and openly discussed her plastic surgery on Watch What Happens Live not too long ago.

Considering how honest Cynthia is about the work done on her knockers, we don't see why she'd lie about rhinoplasty. Still, that nose sure is perfect! Do you think she had a nose job? Tell us your thoughts and theories below!