Does Phillip Phillips Have a Girlfriend? You Ask, We Answer!
Does Phillip Phillips Have a Girlfriend? You Ask, We Answer!
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Does Phillip Phillips Have a Girlfriend? You Ask, We Answer!


UPDATE (12/31/2013): Phillip Phillips is still going strong with girlfriend Hannah Blackwell! In an interview with Elle Magazine in November 2013, he gushes about how intelligent she is, "Well my girlfriend [Hannah Blackwell] is a lot smarter than me so she comes on the road and handles some of the business aspects. She meets me at some points. Like I said, she's smarter than me and likes to read so she goes over things I look past."

He also reveals that he met Hannah at the tender age of 18 at an event put on by his sister's non-profit organization called Mission Change, "I'd never seen her before and I'd seen everybody. Then I was like, 'Who is this?' We talked a little and then left the party. She tripped in a hole, and I helped her out but then I laughed. Then she stalked me on Facebook, and that's how the magic happened." (The lesson here: Facebook stalking can pay off!)

We know all Phillip's fans might but upset that he's not single, but might we hear wedding bells soon? 

Original story:

Does Phillip Phillips have a girlfriend? This could be the biggest burning question bouncing around in the heads of smitten P2 fans all over the nation as he heads out on tour this summer with Matchbox Twenty. 

American Idol Season 11 winner Phillip is basically a real-life version of Noah (Ryan Gosling) from The Notebook. The charming, bashful Georgia boy sang his way into our hearts with “Superstition” in his Savannah audition, locked in the love of the nation with his Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” cover, and sealed the deal with his "Home" coronation song. So, we know what you're wondering: Does this plaid-lovin' Southern dude have a girlfriend? 

Hold onto your hearts, America, because the answer is yes, Phillip Phillips does have a girlfriend, according to OK! Magazine. In fact, his girlfriend, brunette Hannah Blackwell, even showed up to support her BF during his American Idol run.

She's reportedly uber-supportive of Phillip’s musical ambitions. “She’s really proud of me getting out there and pursuing my dream and everything, she supports me all the way,” Phillip told Hollywood Life. Well, we wouldn't expect any less! 

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