President Donald Trump Announces Trans Military Ban on Twitter
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President Donald Trump Announces Trans Military Ban on Twitter


A little more than a year after the Pentagon lifted a ban against transgender individuals serving in the military, President Donald Trump has announced plans to reverse this policy in a series of tweets.

The 45th president made his declaration on July 26, citing the counsel of his "Generals and military experts" as influences in his decision.

The former Celebrity Apprentice host did not indicate whether trans military personnel who are currently serving would be discharged, as he called such service members a "disruption."

According to a 2014 estimate, there are more than 15,000 transgender individuals on active duty or serving in the National Guard of Army Reserve.

While running for office in 2016, Trump claimed he was "a real friend" to the LGBT community. However, it seems at the very least the "T" part of that acronym is in question.

Celebs, activists, and journalists alike flocked to social media to express outrage over the president's declaration.

As some pointed out the irony of the announcement coinciding with Truman's desegregation of the military, others, including Chelsea Manning, defended trans service members' bravery and honor.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, whose late son Beau served as an officer in the Army Judge Advocate General's Corps, also made a comment on the change in policy, despite having chosen to stay largely out of any debate concerning the current administration.

Meanwhile, organizations such as the ACLU and Human Rights Campaign have already begun outreach efforts to trans military personnel.

Many supporters of the trans community fear this announcement will result in increased violence and discrimination against trans Americans, whether or not they are currently serving in our military.

It's unclear whether Trump plans to make his Twitter proclamation official with an executive order, but the Pentagon is already deflecting any responsibility for the apparent change in policy.

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