Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner Talk Baby Names For First Child (VIDEO)
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Jamie Otis

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner Talk Baby Names For First Child (VIDEO)


Jamie Otis has officially entered the second trimester of her pregnancy, so it’s time to start thinking ahead — to baby names, of course!

The Married at First Sight star and husband Doug Hehner are now in discussion over what they’ll call Baby Hehner (boy or girl), and it sounds like they’ve hit a few bumps.

“We have a lot to talk about,” the mama to be says in a new video on FYI’s Facebook. “We can not agree on a baby name.”

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She adds on her own Facebook, “We are so indecisive when it comes to a baby name ... I mean this is the name our sweet child will be called for his/her whole life.”

“It has to have meaning, it has to go well with Hehner, and it has to have great nickname capabilities bc we love nicknames,” the 30-year-old continues.

However, when the two start getting into specific names, it seems like they might not disagree as much as they first thought!

Kicking off with girls names, Jamie lists off the following frontrunners: Kayleigh, Henley, Grace, Kate, and Charlie.

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All pretty trendy, aside from Grace and Kate, and it sounds like Doug is on the same page for at least two of them!

The expectant father also cites Henley and Kayleigh as faves, though he adds in Hannah — an unpopular choice with his wife.

“I know for sure that I don’t like Hannah,” she dismisses right away.

They seem even more in agreement when it comes to the boys.

Jackson (with the nickname Jack), Levi, Lucas (or Luke), Wyatt, and Gavin are all at the top of the Bachelor alum’s list for a son.

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Judging by his reaction during this reveal, Jackson and Levi are winners with her hubby — though he also adds in several surprises of his own.

Doug is also into Henley as a possible boy name, as well as Doug, Jr. and Hunter.

“I love Hunter Hehner, sorry, I love it. And you know I’m a big hunter!”  he quips.

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Those she receives OK, but the name Watley gets immediately shut down with a “not going to happen.”

But wait! There might be an actual choice in this bunch.

When he mentions Bentley, his lady all but loses her mind in excitement, gushing, “I love Bentley!”

Seems like that’s the “winner” — though, as he points out, they still have six months to narrow down to one for each sex.

We’ll have to wait and see if Henley, Kayleigh, and Bentley will be replaced by some new choices!

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