Jamie Otis & Doug Hehner Reveal Their Unborn Daughter’s Name!
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Jamie Otis

Jamie Otis & Doug Hehner Reveal Their Unborn Daughter’s Name!


We’re still a couple weeks away from the arrival of Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner’s daughter, but the Married at First Sight couple is ready for her arrival.

They’re so ready for their firstborn, in fact, they’ve already given her a name, which they so generously shared with fans on Facebook Live Thursday night.

Did we mention it’s totally adorable?!

The Bachelor alum and her hubby shared they were having a baby girl in late April, but they were toying with names long before that.

Back in February — before they even found out the sex — the New Jersey-based pair teased some of the names they were considering via a Facebook Live about their top choices.

At the time, Henley and Kayleigh were the leading contenders for a girl. But did they go with that?

In the live session on Thursday night, Jamie started out by explaining why Henley was one of the leading contenders in the bunch.

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“The first day of us being married, Doug turned and looked at me and said, ‘You’re Jamie Nicole Otis and I’m…’ and I was like ‘Douglas Edward Henley?’” she recalled with a laugh.

She continued, “So we’d always thought we’d name a dog maybe Henley … Henley means a lot to us so we thought maybe we’d choose that and Doug was really adamant.”

However, the 31-year-old gal wasn’t convinced just yet that it was the right name.

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The parents-to-be went “back and forth” a lot, considering other favorites like Kaylee, Emma, Grace, Kenley, Charlie, and Emily.

While the registered nurse was fine with waiting until her birth, her hubby was ready to make a decision.

“I said, ‘Doug, we should probably wait until we see her but he was like, no let’s definitely name her before that’ because he’s deadset,” she explained.

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Thus, the big reveal this week!

The couple announced Baby Girl Hehner’s name by unveiling the decals above her crib in the nursery.

In one swoop, Doug displayed the special moniker: Henley Grace Hehner!

We’re loving the alliteration! Plus, it’s clear no name would top this one for the couple — stick with your gut, guys!

Henley will be here before we know it, too, as her mom shared last week on Instagram that it could be down to a matter of days.

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“I’m ‘almost’ 2 cm dilated & 90% effaced! I cannot believe our daughter will be in our arms in a matter of days/weeks!” she captioned a shot of her baby bump.

She added, “I’ve been holding my breath this whole pregnancy and I feel like I can finally relax & breathe – welllll, kinda!”

What a lucky little one this baby will be, from her fabulous name to her loving parents, and so many people excited to meet her.

See you soon, Henley Grace!