Top 5 Craziest ‘Duck Dynasty’ Cast Moments (VIDEO)

Duck Dynasty

Top 5 Craziest ‘Duck Dynasty’ Cast Moments (VIDEO)


We sure do adore the Louisiana bayou Duck Dynasty Robertson family, who has graced our TV screens since 2012. There have been some great memories from the past three years of the show but also a few crazy ones, which we have decided to round up in the video above.


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Like, when Si decided to hit the pool and do water aerobics. If you can’t seem to remember the visual, we have the funny clip for your viewing pleasure. Another odd Robertson moment? When teenage daughter Sadie hit the dance floor during Dancing With the Stars last year in a full-on dancing duck suit — with feathers and all.

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Check out all the other craziest Duck Dynasty cast moments in the video above. We bet you’ll be saying “what the duck?!” in no time!