‘Duck Dynasty’ Cast: Anna Duggar Is a “Victim” of Josh Duggar
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‘Duck Dynasty’ Cast: Anna Duggar Is a “Victim” of Josh Duggar


Despite Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar welcoming their fourth child together, the couple’s year has primarily been plagued with scandal after scandal — starting with Josh’s molestation past coming to light and ending with the discovery of his cheating history.


And it turns out the Duck Dynasty cast has some very interesting opinions on all the Duggar drama.


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“As far as the relationship, that’s gotta be her decision whether or not she wants to go on without him,” Missy Robertson told Entertainment Tonight on whether or not Anna should leave her husband. “She certainly has that right, because he interrupted their marriage with those affairs, but forgiveness is not really a choice, you know, if you want forgiveness from God.”

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Missy’s husband of more than two decades, Jase Robertson, echoed his wife’s sentiments and said, “You can forgive somebody, but that doesn’t mean there’s not consequences for your actions.”


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While you’d expect the conservative Christian reality TV family — who have weathered a few public missteps of their own— to tell Anna to stick with Josh throughout this whole mess, even they know there’s a fine line between forgiving and forgetting.


Missy says Anna is “definitely a victim” in this whole mishap and thinks the two of them need to sit down — away from the cameras — and figure out where to go from here.


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“They’re going to have to deal with it themselves and get past it and try to savor some of the experiences they had and memories, and also make a new life for themselves — whether it’s together or apart,” Missy concluded.