Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Fighting Over Josh’s Scandals — Report
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The Duggars

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Fighting Over Josh’s Scandals — Report


While the Duggars are putting up a united front over Josh Duggar’s scandals, the drama might be fracturing Jim Bob and Michelle’s relationship.

If recent rumors are to be believed, the couple’s 31-year marriage could be in trouble.

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“[Jim Bob] explained once again that their brother Josh had sinned, but he’s been forgiven and that was the end to it,” a source tells In Touch. “He didn’t want any more talk about Josh’s past.”

One person who isn’t exactly going along with the patriarch’s mandates, though, is his wife.

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While the 50-year-old usually calls the shots, his 49-year-old lady love is — gasp — speaking up to the point where they “argue over it” and she’s even “raised her voice.”

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“It’s gotten so bad that friends think this could destroy the marriage that no one ever thought could be broken,” the insider continued.

Jim Bob reportedly won’t waver in how he wants the family to handle his eldest son, who recently emerged from a faith-based treatment center and rejoined the real world, and the squabble between the married couple has become a “doozy.”

“She and Jim Bob will never see eye to eye on Josh,” the family insider concluded.