Vanessa Lachey Already Acting Like a Diva on ‘DWTS’ Season 25 — Report
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Dancing With The Stars

Vanessa Lachey Already Acting Like a Diva on ‘DWTS’ Season 25 — Report


There always has to be one diva on every season of Dancing With the Stars, right!?

The Season 25 premiere of the hit ABC competition show is just days away, but it sounds like there’s already drama on the dance floor.

According to sources, Vanessa Lachey — who is also competing against her husband, Nick Lachey — hasn’t been the easiest person to work with.

“Vanessa’s ego is just through the roof. She acts like she is this huge celebrity, and is really just a big diva!” a source told Radar Online.

The mother of three is partnered with Maks Chmerkovskiy, while her hubby is with Peta Murgatroyd.

“They are bickering nonstop backstage, and it is starting to annoy everyone who is working with them.”

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With the premiere happening in just a few short days, we hope Vanessa and Maks can get their stuff together in time to put on a fun performance.

And, if rumors about feuding aren’t enough for the Lacheys, the constant dancing has certainly taken a toll on their bodies.

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“We don’t practice dancing with each other but it is nice because of the massages,” the 36-year-old told Us Weekly.

“I’m like, I’ll rub your feet you rub my feet. That is fun. It really is another layer to our relationship. I can’t wait for the first live show, and I can’t to watch him.”

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Though they’re technically each other's competition for the next few months, they have been sharing bits and pieces of their routine with one another.

“We did a little show the other day, we were at the same studio, and Maks and I came in and they showed us a little bit of their routine and we showed them a little bit of what we learned,” she continued.

“It would be fun if we all made it to the finals.”

Despite wanting to make it all the way, Maks isn’t going to drill Vanessa as hard as he’s worked some of his previous partners.

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“It kind of seems childish. You have these grownups come, they signed on to do a show. It’s not like we’re in a summer camp together, and here I am making them do warmups and pushups and all that,” the father of one shared.

“I want to do my best and I want her to do her best too so we can do our thing.”

We’re excited to see all the couples perform! Who are you most excited to see?!

Dancing With the Stars Season 25 premieres Monday, September 18 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.