Ellen DeGeneres Criticized For Tweet About Ogling Over Katy Perry\'s Boobs
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Katy Perry

Ellen DeGeneres Criticized For Tweet About Ogling Over Katy Perry’s Boobs


Boob jokes aren't always made in light-hearted fun.

Ellen DeGeneres is learning that the hard way after sharing a happy birthday message to her pal, Katy Perry, in which she's ogling over the pop star's breasts.

And what was supposed to be a simple innocent photo has turned into a legitimate political debate.

Katy turned 33 on Wednesday, October 25, at which point the long-time TV host tweeted out this photo of the two, plus Ellen's wife Portia de Rossi, at an awards show in 2013.

"It's time to bring out the big balloons!" she wrote, referencing a lyric from the blonde beauty's 2013 track, "Birthday."

But many fans called Ellen out for perpetuating a gender stereotype, saying that if a man had made a comment like this, he'd be "nailed to the wall."

Others, however, ignored the political undertones of it all and pointed out that the two stars are friends, and it was all in good fun.

But, as Huffington Post points out, people are extra sensitive about such remarks these days considering what's been going on with Harvey Weinstein.

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Dozens of A-Listers and industry insiders have come forward in recent weeks claiming the movie exec has sexually assaulted them.

Meanwhile, the comedian hasn't responded to requests for comment about the incident, instead continuing her funny streak on Twitter by sending other stars LOL-worthy birthday wishes:

The "Firework" singer also hasn't responded to the tweets, as she's focused on her Witness world tour, which just kicked off last month.

Oh yeah, and she's also crashing weddings while she's at it — NBD.

We hope the CoverGirl still had a good birthday, though, despite the controversy.

Welcome to 33, KP!