Emily Maynard\'s Jewelry Line Gets a Release Date!
Emily Maynard’s Jewelry Line Gets a Release Date!
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Emily Maynard’s Jewelry Line Gets a Release Date!


Bachelorette Emily Maynard is world-famous for her amazing style, and we've always been obsessed with her taste in jewelry. Because who doesn't want to sport a giant turquoise ring on their finger, right fashionistas?

Well, amazing news. As we mentioned before, Emily's teamed up with Christi Pack and Jessica Stanfield of Towne and Reese to design her very own jewelry line — and she has finally announced the release date! The line will be released on July 10. Helllllo summer!

Emily is often spotted reppin' bling from this Charlotte-based team (which makes sense, considering that she's besties with Christi and Jessica), and we finally have a sneak peek at the new items girlfriend is bringing to the table!

Long story short: lots of crosses, feathers, and turquoise. Like, so much turquoise. “Each piece reflects my style,” Maynard tells InStyle. “Some days I wake up and dress very ladylike with heels and pearls, and the next day I’ll wear combat boots and ripped jeans, but that’s the fun part of being a girl.”

The good news is that Em's gorgeous items are totally budget-friendly, so y'alls can get in on the blingtastic action when her line goes onsale at EmilyMaynard.com. And the best part? Emily's designs were named by her daughter, Ricki Hendrick! “Ricki had a lot of fun naming each piece after one of her friends,” Maynard says. “She went through the whole yearbook!”

Sigh, one more reason to love The Rickster.

Oh, and brides to be? You're fresh outta luck — Emily isn't planning a wedding line anytime soon! “I haven’t had that good of luck,” she jokes, “so I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to jinx someone.” Please, potential brides should consider themselves lucky to wear one of Em's tribal-inspired chokers on their wedding day.

Source: InStyle