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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Creator Says an “HBO-Level” Emison Sex Scene Is Coming


Emily and Alison have really been through the ringer this season on Pretty Little Liars, but it sounds like shippers have a lot to look forward to as Emison's relationship evolves.

In fact, series creator Marlene King suggests Episode 20 could be so steamy it warrants a parental advisory!

Always engaging with fans on Twitter, the showrunner fielded some questions on June 5, starting with one about the show's central mysteries.

When one fan asked whether we'll learn who killed Charlotte before or after A.D. — "Charlotte first," she replied — Marlene got to the really juicy stuff.

AKA the sexy stuff.

In response to an Ezria fan's question about a rumor the couple get "HBO level sex" in the finale, Marlene teased, "There is a lot of HBO level sex in 720. Equal opportunity HBO level sex."

OK, when you say, "Equal opportunity" we can't help but think you mean LGBTQ equality...

And this follow-up seems to back that up.

After one user asked, "This includes Emison right??" Marlene replied, "The most HBO ever for them. Proudly, directed my [sic] me."

Marlene self-identifies as a "woman who is in love with a woman," so it makes sense that she would take pride in this development in Emily and Alison's relationship.

Also, for all the strides toward equality in the last decade on TV and beyond, representations of same-sex sensuality are still chaste compared to heterosexual encounters outside of Shondaland.

We imagine Marlene would be especially stoked to bring about better representation of an LGBTQ relationship.

Though Em has had some love scenes throughout the show, they've been fairly tame, especially compared to love scenes starring fellow Liars Spencer, Aria, and Hanna.

In fact, Marlene had to clear up for fans that Maya and Emily consummated their relationship in Season 2, Episode 18, because it was mostly allusion.

It sounds like, for Emison, fans can expect a little less gray area — if not 50 Shades of Grey-area.

But, to be clear, Emily and Alison aren't the only ones getting romantic in the finale.

Though Marlene isn't spilling a drop of tea on the mysteries, like the identity of A.D., she assured us everyone will get lucky in the last episode.

However, she won't say specifically who gets with whom.

While the fates of Ezria, Haleb, and Emison seem all but sealed, Spencer's a bit more up in the air. High school love Toby is a grieving widower and Marco is, you know, convinced Spence is a murderer. That's a real mood killer.

But hey, time jumps heal all wounds, so who knows what's in store for the youngest Hastings!

Which ship are you most excited about hooking up in the finale? Answer the poll below or spill your guts in the comments!

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