Twitter Users Slam Emma Watson For Her Tribute to Alan Rickman’s Feminism
Emma Watson, Alan Rickman
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Twitter Users Slam Emma Watson For Her Tribute to Alan Rickman’s Feminism


Emma Watson is being called names far worse than “mudblood” for the tribute she paid to her Harry Potter co-star Alan Rickman, who passed away earlier today, January 14.

Twitter users have deemed her a “repugnant human” and a “t—t,” one guy even telling her, “Go f—k yourself.”

Her huge crime? Posting an Alan Rickman quote in which the late Snape portrayer said, “There’s nothing wrong with a man being a feminist; I think it is to our mutual advantage.”

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(This sentiment dovetails perfectly with HeForShe, the movement Emma helped launch, which calls upon men to promote feminism alongside women.)

Regardless of Emma’s various other tributes to the 69-year-old that she posted before and after, certain Twitter users were (inexplicably) outraged.

Here are the tweets we can embed:

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And here are the tweets we have to censor:

One man says: “Don't talk about feminist right now, we don't give a f—k. A man died and you’re just talking about him being a feminist Emma?”

Another guy says: “So @EmWatson using Alan Rickman’s death to further her agenda. Why not surprised? F—king classless bitch.”

And another dude says: “Emma, you are a repugnant human being using his death to push your agenda. Go f—k yourself, t—t.”

If only we could Expelliarmus people right off the Internet…