Is an \'Empire\' Spin-Off Coming? 3 Ideas That Could Work
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Is an ‘Empire’ Spin-Off Coming? 3 Ideas That Could Work


Empire is one of the biggest shows on TV, so it's no surprise the idea of a spin-off has been bounced around. Now, a FOX exec says one is very likely to happen — if they find the right idea, of course.

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FOX TV co-chief Dana Walden told Vulture a spin-off is under heavy discussion, and one could be happening as early as next season — "If there’s a character … that feels original enough, has enough momentum and enough of a storytelling engine."

Empire Season 2, Episode 3: Cookie
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We obviously don't want to see any of the major players leave the main show, and we also wouldn't want a spin-off to be a cheap knock-off. But here are three ideas for Empire spin-offs which we think could work.

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Thirsty's Adventures in Law.
Lucious's new lawyer, Thirsty Rawlings, has already made quite an impression, and he's kind of perfect for a spin-off that could keep Empire's over-the-top storytelling sense and set it in a whole new field — law. It would be like Better Call Saul but with less sad-sackness. Plus, Andre Royo is a crazy talented actor who could easily carry a show.

Marisa Tomei
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Mimi Whiteman's Adventures in Venture Capitalism. Another standout character this season is Marisa Tomei's flirtatious venture capitalist Mimi Whiteman. We'd totally watch a show of her business wheelings and dealings. She could have her toe in all sorts of different industries, which would be a fun new twist.

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The Porsha Show. Let's be real: Porsha is freaking hilarious. We'd totally watch a show of her misadventures if she ever stopped working for Cookie.