Erika Christensen Talks Possible Parenthood Reunion — Exclusive


Erika Christensen Talks Possible Parenthood Reunion — Exclusive


It’s been nearly six months since we were all left blubbering like babies over the Parenthood series finale. For six glorious seasons, the NBC series brought us on a weekly roller coaster of emotions, and we’re still reeling from its loss. But could we get another dose of the Bravermans in the future?


According to Erika Christensen aka Julia Braverman, that’s a resounding “yes!” The actress stopped by our Wetpaint offices this week, and we couldn’t help but ask her thoughts on the dramatic Parenthood conclusion — yes, including that surprising time jump. And speaking of time jumps, Erika also teases that, given the current craze around TV reunions, there might just be something in the works for Joel, Julia, and the rest of the gang. Yes, seriously!


The 32-year-old star also dished on another project that might have her teaming up with one of her on-screen siblings. Plus, she filled us in on her latest gig: a partnership with Lean Cuisine for their brand reboot, focusing on modern eating and wellness over simply dieting.


Check out the clip above for all of the juicy scoop!