Fact or Fiction — Robert Pattinson Edition (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson

Fact or Fiction — Robert Pattinson Edition (VIDEO)


Robert Pattinson became a household name when he starred as the uber-pale undead 17-year-old (though in actuality he’s well over 100) heartthrob of the Twilight movie series. But since then, we’ve come to learn that Robert is more than just a face and a brooding vamp — but a pretty talented and well-rounded artist.


But the more we’ve gotten to seen Edward’s star quality, the more we’ve started to question just how much we know about the 29-year-old London native. Like, did you know that his sister is actually a singer across the pond? Or that used to model, but started looking too manly to get work?


There’s quite a lot we do and don’t know about this guy, and as such we’ve challenged R.Pattz fans to a little game of Fact or Fiction featuring the actor.


Click the video above, read the statements about Robert and decide whether it’s fact or fiction before the time runs out. Be sure to brush up on your Rob knowledge before you start and enjoy watching our favorite vamp in the snippets, too!

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