Farrah Abraham Accuses MTV of Staging That Epic Reunion Brawl with Amber Portwood
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Accuses MTV of Staging That Epic Reunion Brawl with Amber Portwood


Pretty much half of Farrah Abraham's body parts are fake — and so are some of her storylines, apparently.

The Teen Mom OG star is calling out the MTV producers (again), accusing them of manipulating some relationships on the show and totally instigating that epic Season 6 reunion brawl with co-star Amber Portwood.

Remember that one?!

TMOG fans will never forget the epic showdown, in which Farrah's boyfriend, Simon Saran, called Amber's then-fiancé Matt Baier a pedophile.

From there, Amber came in swinging from backstage and almost put her hands on Farrah — a physical fight didn't ensue between the ladies, but a verbal one sure did. The two of them haven't been allowed in the same room since!

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And though the fight looked authentic AF unlike a lot of what we see on reality TV these days, Farrah feels otherwise.

“Amber was provoked by production to run on stage and instigate a fight with me,” the 26-year-old tells Radar.

“They shut off all TVs on set and tried to remove all families and children beforehand. They instigated bad criminal behavior on set."

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The FroCo owner is also accusing Morgan J. Freeman and co. of causing unnecessary fights between family members just for ratings.

“I had producers always ask me questions and then go run and tell my parents. They make things manipulated, not authentic and due to this I couldn't even talk to Sophia's father before he passed away," she adds of Derek Underwood, who died in a car crash when she was pregnant.

“Production should never cross boundaries and ruin the natural family interactions as the Teen Mom associated production companies and MTV allowed repeatedly. It becomes an issue and struggle between what’s real and manipulated by production rather than focus on the real lives and stories.”


She can't place all the blame for her tense relationship with her mom, Debra, on production, but the mom of one is probably not entirely wrong here.

Other cast members including Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska have also called out the network for instigating fights and editing out more positive conversations.

And the Backdoor Teen Mom star's comments come straight off the heels of her other fight with the head honchos at Teen Mom.


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In October, the redhead went on an Instagram rant against producers, saying they fired her for partaking in some, uh, pornographic endeavors with online adult entertainment site, CamSoda.

She later said she was only "fake fired" and would be returning to the show after all, but still bashed her bosses, calling out executive producers like Morgan J. Freeman, Larry Musnik and show creator Dia Sokol Savage as "unprofessional, fake, women hater, press hungry" sex-shamers, as well as "pill-poppers" and, the best yet, "alcohol binger producers."


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Farrah also called them out for their "bad business practices" and "hate crimes" in which she no longer wants a part.

We see just a tiny bit of this awkward conversation in the trailer for the new season of TMOG, and as expected, it does not go well at all.

"If you choose to work in the adult industry, we can't continue to film you," Morgan tells Farrah.

Her response?

"Who are you to tell someone to choose one thing? F—king shoot me for being who I am."


What do you think of Farrah's latest accusations against producers? Do you think her fight with Amber was really staged? Share your thoughts.

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