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Simon Saran Says ‘Teen Mom’ Producers “Bribe” Cast Members Amid Farrah Abraham’s Firing


Farrah Abraham may not have been fired after all from Teen Mom OG, but that doesn't mean Simon Saran wants any part in it.

After the controversial reality star revealed she had been fired and then unfired from the series for partaking in "adult entertainment" ventures on the side, her on-again-off-again boyfriend is spilling behind-the-scenes secrets about the cast and crew.

And you bet the tea has been spilled...

Simon, a real estate developer based in San Diego, has never been shy about sharing his opinions about Farrah's co-stars and crew members, calling Amber Portwood's then-fiancé Matt Baier a "pedophile" and accusing producer KiKi Malone of supplying Ryan Edwards with drugs, among other things.

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And because of this, we have learned over the years not to believe everything Simon says.


And his latest accusations are pretty intense, too, claiming executive producers of 11th Street Productions are "very controlling individuals."

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SImon says he "quit" the show earlier this year because of co-executive producer Morgan J. Freeman.

“He hated the fact the I was successful,” he tells Radar Online. “I didn’t agree with how he went about treating people and putting them in harm’s way.”

“He provides cast members with drugs, forces them to have kids and bribes them with bonuses to have strange men move in with them." 

The 27-year-old shared a similar sentiment on Twitter earlier this week, bashing the higher-ups and even accusing them of being racist.

And Sophia's mama went on a similar Instagram rant after her "firing," 

“Morgan J. Freeman of 11th Street Productions is unprofessional, fake, women hater, press hungry, Sex Shaming, Hate Crimes, Poor Business Practices, unsafe working environment," she wrote.

"Accomplice Dia Sokol anxious 11 production [scic], Viacom associate pill-popping Larry Musnik & Executive promoted alcohol binger producer Kirsten Malone, taking advantage and acting as a friend to spread jealous, hate crimes to the other Teen Moms & influence a toxic unsafe working culture."

Got all that?!

Simon has insisted his "Being Simon" special, which aired on MTV last month, was the last we'll see of him on the show, but he's clearly still in Farrah's life, having gone to Austin, Texas on Halloween to help her celebrate her Furnished by Farrah store's one-year anniversary.

We know these two are all talk and will be back on our TV screens in no time ...although we wouldn't blame the producers if they really did fire both of them after this!

Teen Mom OG premieres Monday, November 27 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.