Farrah Abraham Uses Paris Hashtag to Get Views on Instagram
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Uses Paris Hashtag to Get Views on Instagram


Farrah Abraham has stooped to a new low. Just weeks after she was caught using a Hurrican Patricia hashtag on her unrelated Instagram posts in an attempt to get likes, the Teen Mom OG star now appears to be using hashtags related to the Paris terrorist attacks for the same reason.

As we're all aware by now, terrorists carried out a series of attacks in the French capital on Friday, November 13, killing scores of innocent people. After news of the devastation got out, the hashtags #prayersforparis and #parisisaboutlife began trending worldwide.

So naturally, Farrah thought it would be a good idea to exploit the subject for her own gain. In a post to her Instagram account promoting her appearance at Sexpo UK on Saturday, Farrah writes, "Another great day @sexpouk love all the ladies & men who stopped by #London love you!!! #prayersforparis #parisisaboutlife."

Another great day @sexpouk love all the ladies & men who stopped by #London love you!!! #prayersforparis #parisisaboutlife

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Obviously, the hashtags have nothing to do with a sex exposition, so it's not hard to reach the conclusion that the 24-year-old budding porn star was hijacking the hashtags to earn more views for her self-promotional post.

It's a sickening strategy that's sadly becoming a trend for the reality star, and we suggest that she either fire her social media intern, or hire one if she's actually writing these captions herself.

Perhaps seeing the error of her ways, Farrah later posted a photo of the Eiffel Tower with the words "Pray For Paris" emblazoned across it. This post didn't appear to have any self-promotional aspect to it, but it's hard to take her empathy as sincere after seeing her previous post. 

#parisisaboutlife #prayersforparis

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It's also worth noting that she captions the post with a British flag for some reason, rather than with a French one.

Hopefully Farrah really does feel sadness about what happened in Paris, and we really hope she stops using tragedies to promote herself.


Not cool, Farrah, not cool.