TMI Alert! Farrah Abraham Undergoes Vaginal Tightening Procedure (VIDEO)

Farrah Abraham

TMI Alert! Farrah Abraham Undergoes Vaginal Tightening Procedure (VIDEO)


We all know Farrah Abraham is not shy, ladies and gentlemen.

The Teen Mom OG star has always been honest about her life when the cameras are rolling, but she recently took it to a whole other level.

In fact, the reality star underwent a procedure to tighten up her vagina and she got it all on camera.

No, we’re not making this up!

The internal and external procedures, which took place at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, were done by a registered nurse.

“This treatment, I am going to focus a lot on that right labia. Nobody is symmetrical,” the RN said in the video obtained by Radar Online.

“This is working with radio frequencies. No knives involved!”

Though this is already her second procedure, the medical professional suggested the mother of one undergo a third and fourth treatment, too.

“We’ve seen such great results with the first two. It’s going to get better and better,” she shared.

“We can focus on the details of the aesthetics of the vagina. We can cater the procedures to your wants and desires.”

As for what happens during the procedure, a spokesperson recently revealed a wand is inserted and moved in and out for eight minutes.


“It creates heat. The heat will thicken the inside lining of uterus and of the vagina to make it tight and firm,” the spokesperson said.

“Collagen is produced by the laser that make the lips firm so they aren’t hanging anymore.”

The MTV star also underwent an IPL Laser Facial.

“For Farrah, the procedure was to reduce fine line veins under her eyes,” the spokesperson shared.

“It also reduces pores, brown spots, unevenness, freckles and more blemishes caused by sun damage.”

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