Former Contestant Explains Bachelor Casting Process
Former Contestant Explains Bachelor Casting Process
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The Bachelor

Former Contestant Explains Bachelor Casting Process


It seems — after reading this example of the casting process on The Bachelor/Bachelorette — that the producers must be prepared for some of the salacious stuff that comes out every season.

A former contestant shared his/her casting experience with Spoiler King Reality Steve, and the part about a private investigator makes us wonder if Michelle Money and the producers knew the Carlos Boozer scandal would come out. Did Chantal O’Brien already know her cheating rumors would emerge? Did Brad Womack have to answer to anyone about Laurel Kagay?

It certainly proves that the producers know the contestants’ greatest fears and use that knowledge against them during the season. If we were applying for the show, we’d say we were deathly afraid of chocolate ice cream and hope they believed us.

Here’s the unnamed contestant’s break down of their experience:

“1. I went to a casting call in a certain city, so for me, it started with filling out a brief 30 question questionnaire. I handed that in, then waited in a waiting room with everyone else trying out. When they called my name, I went into a small room with a chair for me, chair for the producer, and a camera set up on me. She used my questionnaire to ask me questions, and it took all of 5 minutes, and that was it.

2. About 2 weeks later, I got a phone call telling me I had made it to the next round. All you have to do for round 2 is fill out a 30 page background form, and mail it to them with a few photos.

a) On this, you had to give 20 contacts (name, address, phone, and email)

b) Questions such as: have you been arrested, have you done a porn, etc.

3. About a month and a 1/2 later, I got a phone call saying I had once again, made it to the next round. At this point, they were flying me out to LA for the casting weekend. They told me nothing, other than to pack something nice, along with some other casual clothes. Once I landed, I would hop on the hotel shuttle and someone would greet me at the hotel.

a) Once I got to the hotel, they checked me in, and had a handler bring me to my room. I was told never to leave the room for ANY reason, unless a handler has come to take me.

b) Later that night, someone came in and brought me a 1000 question personality test, along with another 30 page questionnaire.
i. The personality test had questions like: do you hear voices in your head, have you ever had suicidal thoughts, etc.
ii. The questionnaire had questions like: what is your biggest fear, when was the last time you were in love.

c) That was it for the first night. I never left the room.

d) Day two, someone came by to grab me in the afternoon for an interview
i. They take you into another hotel room, where again, a camera is set up and a producer interviewed me for about 10 minutes. Afterwards you walk into the connecting hotel room and sit in front of a panel of people (Martin Hilton, Kerri-Leigh, and about 5 other producers. Very intimidating)
ii. They ask you questions for about 15 minutes then you head back to your room.

e) After those interviews you are brought in to talk with a private investigator for about an hour. She tries to pull everything out of your past that could possibly come and bite you in the ass later.

f) After the PI, you meet with a psychologist. She has the results from the personality test you took the night before, and has more of a conversation with you.

g) After that you go to take a blood test. They draw blood and get a urine sample, and then you head back to your room.

h) All of that takes about 3 hours…and then you sit, once again, in your room the rest of the night

i) The next morning you hop on the shuttle again and are heading home. I never once saw another contestant during casting weekend.

4. About 2 weeks later, I got the call that I was cast for the show. Up until the show films, you are assigned a producer who checks in on you every couple of days, answers any questions, etc.

5. When you fly out for filming, you are taken by a car service to a hotel out in Malibu. Once again, I never saw another contestant and sat in the hotel for 3 days.

a) The first night, producers come by every now and then to pump you up for the experience.

b) The second day, you take your “profile” photo and have one on-camera interview. This is just a pre-interview where your describe yourself, etc.

c) The 3rd day is the rose ceremony day. You get ready at 9 am, they film you in your hotel “prepping” in the afternoon, then you head down to greet 4 other contestants that you share a limo with later that night.”

Now that’s involved!

Source: Reality Steve