Queen Latifah Confirms ‘Friends’ Was a Rip-Off of ‘Living Single’ (VIDEO)
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Queen Latifah Confirms ‘Friends’ Was a Rip-Off of ‘Living Single’ (VIDEO)


Fans of Queen Latifah’s classic 90s sitcom Living Single may have noticed another similar series spring up soon after her show took off. This show became the massive cultural phenomena that is Friends.

During her latest appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the former sitcom star reveals that she’s not only in the process of rebooting the fan favorite, but confirms the concept for Friends was essentially a white version of her FOX show, which centered around six African-American friends, revamped for NBC’s audience.


Fans of the Oscar-nominated actress called in to WWHL to ask if Living Single would ever make a comeback, with the Queen confirming she’s working on it as we speak.


Host Andy Cohen then began digging for more information on the reboot when second guest Jason Sudeikis jokingly added, “I thought Friends was the reboot,” to which the Jersey native responded, “Oh, you know about that too?”


Andy then asked if the cast and crew of Living Single noticed the similarities between their show and Friends, with the former talk show host saying they knew for a fact it was based on their series.


“We knew we had already been doing that. It was a guy named Warren Littlefield that used to run NBC, and they asked him when all the new shows came out if there was any show he could have, which would it be?  He said, Living Single, and then he created Friends.

Andy, calling a spade a spade, then referred to it as “the white version.”



The former MC is also sure to clarify that Friends was a great show and that she never hated on its massive success.

Friends was so good, so it’s not like we hated on it or anything, it was just like, you know.”


Are you surprised Friends was a revamp of Living Single? Sound off below.


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