Full House: Where Are They Now? (PHOTOS)

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Full House: Where Are They Now? (PHOTOS)


Aside from constantly wondering what happened to predictability, the milkman, the paperboy, and evening TV (those are ;Full House ;theme song lyrics, people), there's one thing always in the back of our minds: We never stop wondering what the ;Full House ;cast has been up to... especially now that the series may get its own reboot. Yes, we're excited ;— especially since many of the original cast members have reportedly signed on!

With some series, it can be hard to track down our beloved TV actors. Fortunately, everywhere you look, these castmembers are up to something new. Candace Cameron Bure always has a new project, often right up our TV nostalgia alley. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are business and fashion forces to be reckoned with. Lori Loughlin is basically queen of the Hallmark Channel, and her former TV husband John Stamos is the king of Greek yogurt.

Need all the details? If you're ready to get nostalgic, click through this gallery to catch up with your old TGIF buddies. We guarantee you won't be able to get through it without hearing at least one "Have mercy!" or "You got it, dudes!" in your head. It's high-time those made a come back, ;arewerite?