Candace Cameron-Bure Reveals 10 Things to Expect on \'Fuller House\' — Exclusive
Candace Cameron Bure
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Fuller House

Candace Cameron-Bure Reveals 10 Things to Expect on ‘Fuller House’ — Exclusive


There are just a few hours to go until the highly anticipated Fuller House premiere on Netflix, and if we’re being completely honest we can barely contain our excitement.

Tons of information has come out regarding the reboot of the iconic sitcom, but we went directly to (one of) the sources — DJ’s portrayer, Candace Cameron-Bure — when we wanted to know exactly what to expect from the revamped classic.

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In an exclusive chat with Candace, who's currently partnering with Banfield Pet Hospital to bring awareness to pet health care, she tells Wetpaint ten things fans can expect from Fuller House’s inaugural season. Scroll down for more!

Candace Cameron
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DJ’s a Big Girl Now

Last we saw Donna Jo Tanner she was headed off to her senior prom, and the now-widowed mom of three has had to do a lot of maturing since then.

“I think she’s grown into the woman — exactly how you thought she’d grow up to be — that’s a responsible mother, and yet she is emotional and vulnerable,” Candace says of her older and wiser character. “She needs her sister and her best friend to help her chill out a little bit.”

D.J. Tanner With Her Family and Kimmy Gibbler on Fuller House
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DJ’s Sons Are Nothing Like the Tanner Girls

Like its predecessor, Fuller House features a single parent raising three kids. But instead of Danny and the three Tanner daughters, Fuller House focuses on DJ bringing up her three sons, who Candace says are nothing like DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle.

“Max, the 8-year-old, he’s hilarious and a little mini Danny Tanner — he plays by the rules, he’s just super smart,” Candace explains. “My older son, Jackson, he’s not the coolest kid, but he’s not a nerd either. He’s 13 and a little bit awkward trying to figure it all out. Then there’s the little baby, who’s just adorable as can be.”

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D.J. Gets a Hug on Fuller House
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Emotions Were Running High on Set

The first day of filming Fuller House marked the first time the cast had assembled in the Tanner’s San Francisco living room since the Full House series finale in 1995, so the return to the set was obviously an emotional one.

“To walk onto the soundstage and be back in the kitchen, living room and see that front door — that was pretty overwhelming,” CC-B tells us. “The whole thing’s just been amazing for us.”



​Michelle Is Mentioned

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen opted not to reprise their joint role as Michelle Tanner on Fuller House, but the youngest sister is still discussed frequently throughout the run of the series.

Candace’s favorite mention? “We like drunk call Michelle and leave a message. I shouldn’t say drunk call; we’re not drunk — a little tipsy!”

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Specifics on Steve’s Return Are Still a Secret

DJ’s long-term high school boyfriend, Steve Hale, will be back for Fuller House, but Candace can’t tell us exactly how he’ll fit in. “I so wish I could but I’m under lock and key. I’m not allowed to talk about in what capacity Steve is on the show yet,” the 39-year-old says.

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What Ever Happened to Nelson and Viper?

During breaks from her relationship with Steve, Deej dated both a wealthy nerd named Nelson and free-spirited musician, Viper.

Though Candace says she’s still in contact with both actors in real life, we shouldn’t hold our breath for their characters to return as love interests for widowed DJ. Says Candace, “I think she has her eyes set on some new prospects.”

Mark Ballas and Candace Cameron Bure during Season 18

DWTS Fans Will Be Pleased

Dancing With the Stars pros Val and Maks Chmerkovskiy appear in an episode of Fuller House, and Candace was more than happy to have the brothers on after getting to know them during DWTS Season 18.

“They’re hilarious,” she says of the brothers’ roles, which include “some dancing.”

“They’re really funny in the episode.”

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Candace Has a Dream Cameo in Mind

As handsome and talented as the Chmerkovskiy brothers are, Candace has a very different “dream cameo” in mind.

Reveals the mom of three, “I think Andrea Barber and I are still holding out for New Kids on the Block. We’re waiting!”

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Don’t Rule Out Seeing Mini-Candace on the Show

Candace tells us her two sons have “no interest in acting,” but her 17-year-old daughter Natasha is a different story. She might even end up on Fuller House!

“If there was a role for her that would be really fun, but I would still make her go through the audition process because I’m that mom,” the former child actress says. “I wouldn’t give it to her; she’d have to earn it.”

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Kimmy Gibbler, D.J. Tanner, and Stephanie Tanner on Fuller House
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Kimmy Gibbler’s a Scene Stealer

DJ’s lifelong friend, Kimmy Gibbler, has a much larger role in Fuller House than she had in the original series, and, according to Candace, actress Andrea Barber brings plenty of life to the part.

“There are lots of elements that I wasn’t even expecting in the show and they’re wonderful. Kimmy Gibbler is still craaaaaazy,” says Candace. “She’s so hilarious. I can watch Andrea do scenes over and over and over. She doesn’t even realize how funny she is. She steals the show in my opinion.”

-- Reporting by Chantal Waldholz

Fuller House’s first, 13-episode season will be available on Netflix starting Friday, February 26.