First ‘Fuller House’ Photos Are Here — See D.J., Stephanie, and More!
Kimmy Gibbler, Stephanie Tanner, and D.J. Tanner With a Baby on Fuller House
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Full House

First ‘Fuller House’ Photos Are Here — See D.J., Stephanie, and More!


As much as we love watching the first Fuller House sneak peek over and over again, that tease for Netflix’s Full House reboot is frustratingly devoid of any characters (with the exception of the Tanner’s new dog).

Thankfully, Netflix got the hint that we’ll be needing a little more than familiar voices to tide us over until the show premieres on February 26, so they’ve released a handful of stills showing us what D.J., Stephanie, and some of the others look like now.

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In one snap, Kimmy Gibbler (‘memba her?) Steph, and D.J. — with a baby in her arms, no less — look a bit alarmed by something off screen. Seeing as how Fuller House centers around D.J.’s return home after her husband passes away, we’re betting that cute kiddo is hers, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Kimmy Gibbler, D.J. Tanner, and Stephanie Tanner on Fuller House
Credit: Netflix    

In another photo, Kimmy is being her usual, wacky self (thank god she hasn’t changed!) while Steph looks like she’s ready for a night out on the town.

And just when you thought the reboot would be filled with familiar faces, Netflix threw us for a loop and included a picture with a whole bunch of younger characters we’ve never seen before. 

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D.J. Tanner With Her Family and Kimmy Gibbler on Fuller House
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In what looks like D.J.’s old room (that’s now a nursery), the mom of three stands with Stephanie, her two sons and Kimmy’s daughter as eccentric Kimmy spouts some wisdom.

But don't worry, there's also a photo of the old characters we know and love!

D.J. Gets a Hug on Fuller House
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Much of the original cast is returning for the reboot (including all those mentioned above plus Danny, Joey, Becky and Jesse), but sadly Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will not be reprising their role as Michelle.

Fuller House’s first, 13-episode season will be available on Netflix starting Friday, February 26.