‘Fuller House’ Premiere Date, Promo Revealed (VIDEO)
The Cast of Full House


‘Fuller House’ Premiere Date, Promo Revealed (VIDEO)


We knew it wouldn’t take much to get us psyched about Fuller House — Netflix’s Full House reboot — but the first promo for the highly-anticipated series exceeds our expectations in every way.

Fuller House centers around the eldest Tanner daughter, DJ, who returns to the Bay Area home she grew up in with her three children after her husband passes away. At 1:15 this brief sneak peek packs the same emotional punch we remember from the original 90s’ sitcom and we can’t wait to see more.

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Set to Miranda Lambert’s emotional tune, “The House That Built Me,” the clip begins with footage of in and around San Francisco (think cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge) before settling on the familiar Painted Lady with the red door.

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While we don’t see any of the characters that are so firmly ingrained into our minds, we hear the likes of DJ, her younger sister Stephanie, John Stamos’s Uncle Jesse and others as they try to make their way into the house we know so well.

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We also hear Aunt Becky, Danny, and of course, Joey, who even utters his famous line, “Cut it out.”

The Fuller House Cast on Set
Credit: Lori Loughlin on Instagram    

Seriously, there’s enough nostalgia packed into this little snippet to make our heads explode. Even Comet — or more likely Comet 4.0, by now — makes an appearance!

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Much of the original cast is returning for the reboot (including all those mentioned above and a few others), but sadly Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will not be reprising their role as Michelle.

Fuller House’s first, 13-episode season will be available on Netflix starting Friday, February 26. Consider us stoked!