Fuller House’s D.J., Stephanie, & Kimmy Try to Nae Nae… and Fail (VIDEO)
Fuller House, Whip Nae Nae
Credit: Netflix on YouTube    


Fuller House’s D.J., Stephanie, & Kimmy Try to Nae Nae… and Fail (VIDEO)


There’s a new step in the “Evolution of Mom Dancing,” thanks to Fuller House stars Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber.

The trio dance to the Silentó hit “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” in the newest promo for Netflix’s Full House revival… and end up looking tragically white and unwhip unhip.

“Party’s at our house,” the promo says. (Uh, yeah, we think we have plans that night…)

The good news is the ladies seem to be having a blast… and the clip’s only 30 seconds long.

The promo peeps at Netflix were likely inspired by Candace and Jodie dancing to the same song at the Fuller House wrap party last month, video of which hit Candace’s Instagram feed.

“I should never attempt any dance next to @jodiesweetin,” the co-host of The View wrote in the caption to the November 16 post.

“She can bust a move, that girl’s got soul. I’ll now return to my children making fun of my dancing, and rightly so.”

Still, no amount of awkward dancing can diminish our Fuller House excitement. The continuation of the hit ABC sitcom focuses on the three ladies’ characters, D.J. Tanner, Stephanie Tanner, and Kimmy Gibbler. D.J. is a mom of three now, and Stephanie and Kimmy move into her house to help out.

Let’s just hope they keep the dance breaks to a minimum…

All 13 episodes of Fuller House go live on Netflix on February 26, 2016.