Death Has a Cruel Sense of Humor on ‘Game of Thrones,’ This Fan Realized
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Death Has a Cruel Sense of Humor on ‘Game of Thrones,’ This Fan Realized


Eulogies will often say that the dearly departed “died as they had lived.”

That adage is especially true for Game of Thrones characters, as one fan realized.

In fact, it’s eerie how prescient this pattern is…

Redditor razobak09 pointed out how many characters are killed “in the same or similar fashion as in their most infamous moments.”

For example, at the very start of Season 1, Ned Stark used his greatsword, Ice, to behead a deserter of the Night’s Watch.

Then, toward the end of Season 1, he himself was beheaded by the same sword.

How about Tywin Lannister?

This Lannister patriarch was the architect of the Red Wedding, wherein “musicians” armed with crossbows offed many Stark men.

Then Tywin himself died from a crossbow bolt fired by son Tyrion.

Speaking of the Red Wedding, remember when Roose Bolton killed Robb Stark with a knife to the heart?

How do you think Roose died? A knife to the heart, thanks to his son Ramsay.

Then, just after Robb died, Walder Frey had his minion kill Catelyn Stark via a throat slit.

When it was Walder’s turn to die, Arya slit his throat.

Let’s circle back to Ramsay. After he committed patricide, he took over at the Dreadfort and started feeding people to his hounds.

Then a vengeful Sansa Stark fed him to the very same dogs.

Season 7 only continued the trend.

For example, the person who orchestrated King Joffrey’s assassination-by-poisoning was Olenna Tyrell.

That’s what she gloated to Jaime Lannister, after all… just after he made her drink poison.

Speaking of assassinations, the catspaw dagger used in the attempt on Bran Stark’s life is the same one Arya used to cut Littlefinger’s neck.

What’s the connection? Littlefinger told Catelyn he saw Tyrion in possession of the dagger, a bold-faced lie that sparked the conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters.

Ready for the most persuasive argument?

“The Sand Snakes were each killed in a way that mirrored their own style,” razobak09 writes.

Nymeria was strangled by her own whip, Obara was impaled with her own spear, and Tyene was killed by her favorite poison.”

After that observant Redditor posted his thesis online, other Game of Thrones fans chipped in with other deaths that follow the trend.

For example, the arrow-happy Ygritte was killed by an arrow; and Lysa Arryn, who was so fond of throwing people through the Moon Door, was pushed to her death through the Moon Door.

Suffice it to say, George R. R. Martin and the Game of Thrones showrunners have a flair for poetic justice.

Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres in either 2018 or 2019 on HBO.