\'Game of Thrones\' Creators and [Spoiler] React to That Season 7 Finale Death
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‘Game of Thrones’ Creators and [Spoiler] React to That Season 7 Finale Death


Caution: spoilers lie ahead about last night's pivotal death scene.

There's a lot to unpack from the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, but perhaps the most talked about scene involved zero dragons, alive or dead.

Instead, it was all about the mockingbird in the North and the two wolves he tried to pit against each other.

As Littlefinger says, "chaos is a ladder." But Lord Baelish's ladder finally toppled, as the three remaining Starks figured out his game and turned it against him.

It's kind of bittersweet, because as much as Littlefinger is the actual worst, Aidan Gillen played the part brilliantly and we'll miss hating him.

Sounds like the feeling is mutual for him as well as showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss.

Though he admits it was "one of the harder death calls we had to make, David points out it was necessary in service of the story.

"We loved having Littlefinger along for the ride, but he f—ked with the wrong girls," he tells Entertainment Weekly.

David also points out that Petyr Baelish is actually a minor character, but he feels important due to Aidan's performance.

"The fact that Littlefinger looms so large when people talk about the show, and when we think about the show, it’s really a credit to Aidan.

“Every scene he’s in manages to make you think about Littlefinger."

And his death was no exception.

"We’ve had a lot of death scenes on this show and this is one of the great ones," David continues, also citing Lady Olenna's final bow earlier this season.

Dan agrees. "He’s been such a pleasure to work with and so consistently elevates everything he does.

“But I was so happy with his last performance on the show. We think people will get some good gasps out of the scene.”

Ya think?

As for Aidan, he's obviously had quite some time to process the end of his run on the show, beginning with "the call" from the powers that be.

"The infamous call. It’s so obvious what it is," Aiden tells Entertainment Weekly.  "[Showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff] never ring you up — maybe once in six years."

Describing the death of his character as "a potent loss," the Irish actor takes some comfort in the fact it was a satisfying — and bloody end to his chaotic evil.

"I’m glad I had a good story to finish with," he reasons. "It’s better to go out at the end of [the season] with a good arc then at the start of episode 2."

Not only did he go out at the end, but the scene delivered one of the biggest surprises the audience has witnessed in seven seasons.

However, Aidan says his character saw the writing on the wall a bit earlier than many fans did.

"He at least suspected the game was up back in episode four when Bran told him, 'Chaos is a ladder,'" the 49-year-old says, alluding to their first meeting in Season 7, Episode 4.

"For Bran to come up with that is beyond coincidental. That’s when the ground started to shift beneath my feet. At that point, I knew the things I’ve done in private are not necessarily private," Aidan adds.

Though he's gone from the set, the former star of The Wire did take a piece of Lord Baelish home with him: his mockingbird pin — two, in fact.

"I had already let them know I wanted it, and I cleverly worked it so I got two. There’s one from my cloak and one from my tunic. So I got the large and the small size — one for me and one for my son."

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We're going to miss this dastardly, bastardly villain, how about you?

Game of Thrones returns in 2018... unless it returns in 2019.