\'Game of Thrones\' Fans React to That Devastating Season 7 Death
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Game of Thrones

‘Game of Thrones’ Fans React to That Devastating Season 7 Death


Losing beloved characters is nothing new to Game of Thrones fans. If Ned Stark's beheading taught us anything it's that no one is safe in Westeros, but that doesn't mean we weren't devastated by last night's loss.

Warning: Spoilers lie ahead, so proceed at your own risk.

Daenerys ventured beyond the wall for the first time to come to the aid of Jon Snow and his band of wight-hunters, and unfortunately a major figure in the fight against the army of the dead was lost.

RIP, Viserion. (And, yes, Thoros of Myr, but mostly Viserion.)

The Night King speared one of Dany's dragons, which fell into the frozen lake, only to be raised at the end and turned into a wight.

We called it, folks: ice dragons are real.

It's hard to see that as anything but an L for Dany and Jon and, well, literally all living creatures.

We weren't the only fans who took it hard.

Number 1 GOT fan Leslie Jones is basically all of us.

Mindy Kaling took it pretty rough, too.

Seriously, worst plan ever.

Elizabeth Banks is asking the questions we all need to contemplate now that dragons wights are real.

What does breathing ice even look like? Is it like those gum commercials?

And Bachelor alum Olivia Caridi points out that, even after 7 seasons, this show can still rip our freaking hearts out.

We will never forget you, Viserion. (Please don't kill everyone.)

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