17 Times the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Totally Summed Up Your Dating Life
Gilmore Girls
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Gilmore Girls: Seasons

17 Times the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Totally Summed Up Your Dating Life


Gilmore Girls taught us many life lessons about family, friendship, and, of course, love.

In fact, this quippy show is guaranteed to have the perfect quote — or visual GIF! — for every stage of your dating life!

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Here are some that we think will prove most useful:

When You're Awkwardly Trying to Win Over a Cute Stranger

When You Attempt to Wingman

When You're Trying to Be Super Smooth in Front of a Crush

When You're Really Bad at Picking Up What He's Throwing Down

When You and Your Date Have Nothing to Say to Each Other

When Your Date Says Something Really Awful

When You've Had One Too Many Terrible Dates

When You're Convinced You'll Be Forever Alone

When People Start Asking Why You're Still Single

When You Realize Your Problem Might Be Your Lifestyle

When You Remind Yourself Anyone Would Be Lucky to Have You

When You Explain What You're Looking For

When You Feel the Spark

When You're SO Ready to Adjust to Having Someone Else in Your Life

When You're Totally the One Who Caused a Fight

When You're Trying to Pretend You're Not Upset

When You Know You Found The One

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres later this year on Netflix.