Gina Rodriguez Wants ‘Jane the Virgin’ & ‘Ugly Betty’ to Crossover — Exclusive
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Gina Rodriguez Wants ‘Jane the Virgin’ & ‘Ugly Betty’ to Crossover — Exclusive


Who doesn’t love a good telenovela crossover? Gina Rodriguez, that’s for sure.


Wetpaint caught up with the Golden Globe-winning actress at the Crest 3D White Brilliance 2 Step launch event in New York City. We talked about everything from a potential crossover between Jane the Virgin and Ugly Betty to how her on-screen persona, Jane Villanueva, will choose between her two handsome suitors.


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“I would love for America Ferrera to come on our show. I just got goosebumps by you saying that,” Gina told Wetpaint exclusively. “America Ferrera was definitely an inspiration of mine. She’s such a groundbreaking actress that not only is extremely talented but opened the doors for so many. I’m a big fan and I think you should make that crossover work.”

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As for how the 31-year-old envisions Betty Suarez could shake things up on the CW series, she’s got a few dastardly ideas up her sleeve.


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“Maybe she’s doing a bad article on my father but she’s pretending it’s a good one and she’s actually putting shame on him. Then I discover it and I’m like, Yo, what are you doing with my dad?’” Gina hypothesized. “Or, we’re related somehow and we’re around the same age. Maybe Rogelio impregnated two women at the same time — he could do it just by looking at them.”

Gina Rodriguez
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While this crossover is still only a fragment of our imagination, there is one very real thing Jane will have to deal with come Season 2: choosing between Michael Cordero Jr. and Rafael Solano, the two sides to her love triangle. However, there’s still one thing preoccupying her mind more than her love life.


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“I think she’s going to choose based off of actions. She’s seen them make some serious actions in the recent episodes. Rafael made an extreme action which he thought was pushing her away but she wasn’t aware of that. We do that to protect ourselves and we ruin something that could be beautiful. Michael’s lie he did in the beginning, she’s maybe seeing was to protect her,” Gina continued. “We’ll see the way her heart goes but Jane is definitely entering this next season with her first love, her child, on her mind.”

Jane the Virgin Season 2 premieres October 12 on The CW.