Seth Meyers Slams Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey in 2018 Golden Globes Monologue
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Golden Globes 2018

Seth Meyers Slams Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey in 2018 Golden Globes Monologue


Seth Meyers did not hold back during his 2018 Golden Globes opening monologue.

The talk show host kicked off his speech focusing on the sexual harassment scandals surrounding Hollywood.

“It’s 2018, marijuana is finally allowed and sexual harassment finally isn’t. It’s going to be a good year,” he joked.

He also decided to call out Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and other men accused of assault in 2017.

“Harvey Weinstein isn’t here tonight because, well, I’ve heard rumors he’s crazy and difficult to work with,” the Late Night host shared.

“Don’t worry because he’ll be back in 20 year when he becomes the first person ever booed during the In Memoriam.”

He even joked Christopher Plummer, who replaced Kevin in All the Money in the World, could take over his role in House of Cards.

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"Despite everything that happened this year, the show goes on," Seth said.

“For example, I was happy to hear they were going to do another season of House of Cards. Is Christopher Plummer available for that too?”

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He continued, “I hope he can do a Southern accent because Kevin Spacey sure couldn't."

The joke received gasps from the audience, which seemed to shock Seth.

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"Oh, is that too mean to Kevin Spacey?"

Oh, and don’t worry — the father of one also took shots against President Donald Trump.

“We’re all here at the courtesy of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. A string of three words that could not have been better designed to infuriate our president,” he said.

“The only name that would make him angrier would be the Hillary Mexico Salad Associated.”

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