Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale: The Last Scene of the Show Is a [SPOILER]!
Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale: The Last Scene of the Show Is a [SPOILER]!
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Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale: The Last Scene of the Show Is a [SPOILER]!


There’s a lot to process as we get ready to finish out the Gossip Girl series on Monday, December 17 in the show’s Season 6/Series Finale, Season 6, Episode 10 "New York, I Love You XOXO."

Although we were previously informed that the show would feature either flashbacks or flash forwards, apparently that’s not the case. We’re not sure if something changed, or if the original intel was botched, but according to E! Online, we have even more craziness to look forward to.

The site got ahold of a picture from the last scene ever shot for the show, and it features the shorn-headed Penn Badgley (Dan) who we previously thought had shaved his head after the show wrapped.

Apparently notsomuch. Word is, the final scene is a flashback to the beginning of time, at least on the UES, and also features Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) in that scarf we thought maybe got run over by a vengeful limo driver on the spin-off that never happened.

"I had the idea for the flashback, but the only way I felt it would remotely work is if Dan had his first-episode hair or else it's hard to sell it as a flashback,” showrunner Stephanie Savage says of the swan song.

Continues Stephanie, “It ended up not only being his last scene but Blake [Lively], Leighton [Meester], Chace [Crawford] and Ed's last scenes, too. They all stuck around for each other's coverage, we brought out a cake, it was really a great last moment for all of them. It was the perfect way to wrap them off."

What do you think goes down in the last moments of Gossip Girl? Is GG revealed? And if so, does this possibly mean that one of the five main characters is the blogging firestarter?

Source: E! Online

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