R.I.P. Denny Duquette, Who Died on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 11 Years Ago
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R.I.P. Denny Duquette, Who Died on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 11 Years Ago


Denny Duquette Jr. of Seattle, Washington, died unexpectedly at age 36 on May 15, 2006 — in the Season 2 finale of Grey’s Anatomy 11 years ago.

He is survived by fiancée Dr. Isobel Stevens, father Dennison Duquette Sr., the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic, and 22.5 million people who watched that pivotal episode.

Affectionately known around the hospital as Patient 34986, Denny enjoyed travel, food, and games of dirty Scrabble against buxom surgeons.

Denny suffered from congestive heart failure, and though he received a heart transplant after the aforementioned Dr. Stevens unethically cut his LVAD wire to bump him up the transplant list, he died from a blood clot thrown from his incision site.

According to the Los Angeles Times, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan marched into Shonda Rhimes’s office and begged the Grey’s Anatomy creator not to kill Denny.

“Please, please, just let me live,” he said.

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Shonda even prioritized the storyline over her personal affinity for Jeffrey.

“Denny dying was really difficult for us,” she later told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I didn’t want to do it, and he didn’t want to come out of his trailer. I cried, and everyone at the table read cried. He was a character that we had all become really close to.”

Denny came back as a ghost in Season 3 to help Meredith survive and again in Season 5 to help Izzie survive — all because Shonda didn’t want to stop employing Jeffrey.

“The only two [characters] I’ve really ever regretted killing are Denny and Bomb Squad Guy, only because I just loved both of those actors,” she told TV Guide.

“I loved getting to work with them so much. Those were the only two where I had been like, ‘I really wish that we weren't killing them.’”

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Now, however — especially with Izzie off the show and JDM busy with a far scarier roleGrey’s Anatomy fans have likely seen the last of Denny Duquette Jr.

In lieu of flowers, the Wetpaint family requests you leave condolences and remembrances in the comment section below.

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