‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans “Disappointed” Ellen Pompeo After Derek’s Death
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans “Disappointed” Ellen Pompeo After Derek’s Death


Season 11 of Grey's Anatomy was a painful chapter for all of us, but we fans didn’t handle the drama in a way Ellen Pompeo appreciated.

As the 46-year-old actress explains in a new interview, things got real dark-and-twisty following Derek’s death.

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“I completely understood [fans’] anger, angst, and pain,” she tells Entertainment Weekly. “Nobody wanted to lose Patrick — everybody knew how valuable he was to the show. It wasn’t a choice that we had. We both signed a two-year contract to renew, so it was a situation that came up very abruptly and nobody expected it to happen.”

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But what really upset her was how fans attacked Shonda Rhimes for ending Derek’s storyline with death.

“The stuff about me being hurt by the fans saying that they weren’t going to watch anymore if he wasn’t part of the show didn’t feel good, but I understood it,” she says. “We were sad to lose him, too, but what really disappointed me was the way that people attacked Shonda as if she had some choice.”

Ellen then reiterates what Shonda has been saying for a year now — the veteran TV producer had to kill McDreamy to keep his love for Meredith truthful. Any scenario in which he leaves his wife behind in Seattle would mean he wouldn’t be her “knight in shining armor.”

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“I felt pretty protective of her in that moment and I was pretty disappointed that she got the blame for something that really wasn’t her fault at all,” she concludes.

We certainly didn’t blame Shonda, but then again we weren’t that sorry to see Derek die. That boycott, though?

Grey’s Anatomy returns for Season 13 this fall.

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