‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Martin Henderson Talks Polarizing Owen-Nathan Feud — Exclusive
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Martin Henderson Talks Polarizing Owen-Nathan Feud — Exclusive


When Grey's Anatomy surgeon Nathan Riggs isn’t saving lives, he’s trying to save his reputation amid Owen’s badmouthing.

We still don’t know why Owen hates Grey Sloan Memorial’s newest hire so much — only that the bad blood has something to do with Owen’s hitherto-undisclosed sister.

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But when we at Wetpaint met star Martin Henderson at SCAD’s aTVfest this month, he told us the truth is a many layered thing…

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Wetpaint: Do you know what went on between Nathan and Owen’s sister?

Martin Henderson: I thought I did until the last episode we just read, and now I’m starting to doubt what I thought happened. I had more than a theory.

I also had Shonda explain some stuff because I was curious how I should play some things. Although what I was told was not untrue, there’s been some more information come to light even more recently that’s shedding an entirely different light on the backstory.

It’s going to continue to evolve and really twist and turn. It’s not one big reveal … There’s now another mystery on top of that.

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Will we see a lot of loyalty to Owen and against Nathan?

It gets a bit split because Riggs has to start defending himself. Owen’s grudge is starting to interfere with his ability to function in the workplace.

Riggs is big enough to understand Owen has his version of what happened, but when his opinions begin to color everyone else’s opinions around him, then he starts defending himself. And he wins some people over. It gets kind of polarized.

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Who is on Team Nathan?

I think Maggie feels sort of OK about Riggs at this point. And he starts to get closer to Amelia, which could become complicated.

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