14 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Relationships You Probably Forgot
Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Julia
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Grey's Anatomy

14 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Relationships You Probably Forgot


We Grey's Anatomy fans are intimately acquainted with many of the main characters’ significant others — even those who never worked at the hospital, like Adele Webber, Denny Duquette, or Rebecca Pope. But the surgeons’ romantic rap sheets might be longer than you realized.

Here are the lesser lovers — the smaller ships dwarfed by the show’s freighter-sized romances. How many do you remember?

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Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Tucker
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Bailey’s demanding surgery schedule never quite jibed with this first husband of hers — the father of her son, Tuck — who ultimately gave her an ultimatum, demanding she either give up on their marriage or her pediatric fellowship. She didn’t respond well.

Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Eli
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Bailey normally isn’t the “on-call room hookup” type, but she made an exception for this exceptionally hot nurse, whom she casually dated before going steady with Ben.

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Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Lucy
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Alex’s girlfriend in Season 7, this OB/GYN attending was initially hurt when he considered a job in Africa without taking her into consideration… and then she took a page from his book and took the job in Africa herself.


Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Jason
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Jo dated this OB/GYN resident just before getting together with Alex. She and her intern friends admiringly called him “Chest Peckwell,” and he did indeed seem like a dreamboat… until he got physically abusive.

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Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Beth
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While Owen was still a gentleman-in-training, he dumped his fiancée with a two-line email, left for a tour of duty in Iraq, and then didn’t get back in touch upon his return to Seattle.

Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Emma
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Owen and Cristina broke up because she didn’t share his desire to have children. However, he split with this Season 10 girlfriend, the head of Seattle Presbyterian Maternal-Fetal Medicine, because she wanted to be a mother instead of a surgeon. Good thing Amelia wants career and family!


Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Lauren
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We don’t remember what brought this craniofacial surgeon to Grey Sloan Memorial, but we’ll never forgive her for seducing Arizona into cheating on Callie!

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Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Mara
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Jackson thought Mama Avery was trying to match him up with this Massachusetts General Urology fellow when she brought her to Seattle in Season 8.

But Jackson was turned on when he realized Mara shared his annoyance at his mother, and they hooked up in the on-call room!


Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Rose
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Dubbed “McRebound” by Addison, Rose dated Derek during his umpteenth breakup with Meredith. Then she not-so-accidentally sliced him with a scalpel when he effectively said, “No, I don’t want no scrub nurses,” and broke things off.

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Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Darren
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This head of cardio at the Mayo Clinic was Cristina’s boss and bed partner during her self-imposed exile in Minnesota after the plane crash… but he was kind of a jerk, and she left him high and dry.


Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Julia
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This Seattle Presbyterian ophthalmologist was Mark’s rebound following his breakup with Lexie, but the two of them got so serious, they talked about having kids.

Still, Mark and Lexie reconciled just before their plane crash. Lexie died, Mark got back to Seattle, Mark broke up with Julia, and Mark died. No winners here!

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Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Hank
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We only saw this pro hockey player, Izzie’s Season 1 boyfriend, in one episode before he dumped her over her long hours.


Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Olivia
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George’s put-upon girlfriend in Season 1, Olivia was pretty much his substitute for Meredith, whom he actually loved.

And she fell even farther in George’s eyes when he learned she had slept with Alex before their relationship and passed along Alex’s syphilis to George.

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Grey’s Anatomy relationships, Perkins
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As Teddy was treating (and unknowingly falling in love with) Henry, she dated this trauma counselor, whom she met when the hospital brought him in to support the shooting survivors. He secured jobs for both of them at an Army hospital in Germany, but she stayed behind for Henry.

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