‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Finale Spoilers: Is the Hospital on Fire?
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Finale Spoilers: Is the Hospital on Fire?


Kevin McKidd told fans the Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 finale wouldn’t be catastrophic, like so many Grey’s season finales of years past have been.

Um, we don’t mean to imply this gentle redheaded Scot is lying, but… is he lying?

The Grey’s team is currently filming this year’s season-capper — the end is almost upon us! — and social media uploads from the set suggest that finale will be fiery.

As in, multiple fire trucks are outside the hospital with their flashing lights blazing.

We got our first inkling something is amiss in Shondaland Seattle when Instagram user @chinesehyung posted a video of Seattle Fire Department trucks parked at West Los Angeles College, the new filming location for Grey Sloan Memorial exteriors.

We know, that’s not the hospital facade we’re used to. That glassy atrium we saw so many times in the first several seasons belongs to the VA Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center in North Hills, California.

Grey’s Anatomy was accused of obstructing medical care for veterans there in 2014 — unfairly, in our opinion — and, perhaps as a result, the crew decamped to the WLAC campus and have been using CGI for the atrium scenes.

Anyway, one of the fire trucks in that Instagram video is a hook-and-ladder, with its ladder extended all the way up to one of the top floors of a WLAC building.

Even more scarily, you can see a Mobile Command Unit truck in the video, too, parked right next to Meredith’s Lexus SUV.

Then actresses Jessica Capshaw and Marika Domińczyk posed for a selfie in front of a fire truck, and Jessica uploaded a photo of herself bonding with a bunch of firemen.

And we developed even more ulcers when E! News asked Kelly McCreary if this Season 13 finale would follow the trend of huge season climaxes.

“Yeah, we’re on trend,” she laughed. “I’ll just say it this way: Everyone is in danger. Let’s say that.”

Plus, don’t forget Debbie Allen said the end of this season is “hot” and Jessica Capshaw said something “explosive” happens to one of the characters.

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It’s not all intense drama in the finale, though.

Instagrammer Julissa Macias posted a video — another upload from the West Los Angeles College set — and even with emergency vehicles around them, Ellen Pompeo and Martin Henderson seem to be filming a light-hearted scene.

As cameras roll, Nathan and Meredith talk, and he picks her up and spins her around as she screams in delight.

Then he jumps in his Range Rover, backs out, and speeds away.

Caterina Scorsone promised jaw-dropping moments in this finale, and these fire trucks are even more evidence Twitter will be ablaze with shocked reactions when Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 airs this May.

Brace yourselves!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m ET on ABC.

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