‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Eliza Will Never Be the Same
Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 9, Arizona Robbins, Eliza Minnick
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Grey's Anatomy

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Eliza Will Never Be the Same


Any Eliza-Arizona relationship on Grey’s Anatomy — platonic or otherwise — was nearly ruined in the Season 13 episode last night, February 16, when Eliza let Stephanie operate solo on a 9-year-old above Arizona’s objections and the patient died.

How will Eliza carry on, and can she reclaim the magic with her work crush? Keep reading, Grey Sloan fans…

A pivotal moment for the would-be couple came after Matty’s fatal operation in last night’s episode.

Arizona stormed into the attendings lounge to scream at Eliza, but she found Eliza on the edge of a shutdown — the education consultant had never lost a patient before.

“When I read [the script] I was so blown away,” actress Marika Domińczyk tells TVLine about Eliza’s big moment.

“And I was so thankful at the opportunity to peel the layers back and show a more vulnerable side to her.”

Now that she’s been humbled and proven wrong, Eliza will be less sure of herself going forward.

“It doesn’t change her methods so much as it changes her approach to her own methods,” Marika tells Entertainment Weekly.

“It makes her take a step back and really reevaluate how she’s implementing these things that she knows are best for the hospital, but maybe the way she’s been conveying it hasn’t been the best way.

“She’s not a quitter, but you do see a totally different side to her, because it really hits home and hits a nerve that she didn’t foresee this happening.”

The actress thinks the episode might make viewers ease up on their Eliza hatred.

“I would hope so,” she tells the mag.

“What this episode does is makes her seem more human, that she recognizes her own flaws at this point. She gets really vulnerable at a certain point, and lets her guard down completely, so you get a glimpse of it.

“I hope people get a feeling of who she is, and not just this person who bosses everyone around and is nosy and so aggressive with what she wants.”

Arizona seems to be seeing Eliza’s humanity, at least. As they parted ways at the end of the episode, Arizona told her she could have friends at the hospital if she tried.

“Arizona extended a little bit of an olive branch to Eliza, and she didn’t have to do that,” Marika tells TVLine.

“It was a nice little crack-the-door-open moment.”

We can totally see the two docs getting to be friends, but could they reclaim the romance for which they once seemed destined?

Marika says the development of their relationship will be both slow and complicated

“There are lots of peaks and valleys coming,” the 36-year-old tells TVLine.

The two actresses are thick as thieves, at least — Marika and scene partner Jessica Capshaw had a blast filming the scene where Arizona fixes Eliza’s car horn.

“[We] laughed so much about that. I said to her, ‘Wow, since when did you know how to work on cars?’ You find out something new every day on this show.”

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m ET on ABC.

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