‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Is Getting Its Comedic Groove Back, and Here’s How
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Is Getting Its Comedic Groove Back, and Here’s How


Production on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 is in full swing, and the medical drama shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down.

In fact, the show is bringing in new energy to make the show lighter and sexier than it’s been in seasons past.

Keep reading for all the details, Shondaland residents!

With Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes focusing on her new Netflix deal and departing Grey’s showrunner Stacy McKee helming the show’s Seattle Fire spin-off, Krista Vernoff is taking over to captain the ship.

Krista worked on Grey’s as a writer and executive producer until Season 8 and then took her talent to the Showtime comedy Shameless.

In her first tenure on the show, however, she penned such iconic episodes as the Season 2’s “Into Like a Train” (i.e. the train crash episode) and Season 6’s “Good Mourning” (i.e. the one where the docs cracked up at the absurdity of George’s funeral) and “Holidaze” (i.e. the one in which Bailey gives her dad a talking-to).

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So we’re Shameless-ly giddy for Krista’s return, as is the cast.

“Krista coming back is exciting,” Giacomo Gianniotti tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“From the moment she stepped on set, she approached us all individually and talked with us and asked us all our deepest desires and dreams and about our personal life and has made a real effort to infuse that to Grey’s Anatomy.”

“We have some new writers and fresh voices that are going to give this season an amazing new vibe and energy,” the DeLuca portrayer continues.

“It’s going to be lighter and funnier. Krista wants comedy and wants people to laugh. That’s the way she started it and she wants to continue that.”

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“We’re touching base in a meaningful way with where we left off with all the characters from last season and to contain that much story in two hours, you have to keep it light, bouncy and fun — and Krista Vernoff brings that shift to the show,” adds Kelly McCreary, who plays Giacomo’s onscreen ex, Maggie Pierce.

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Granted, all the doom and gloom of the past seasons is par for the course for the show — and for life in general.

“As these characters have matured, they’re going to go through dramatic stuff in their lives; they’re going to lose parents, spouses, have difficulty in their marriages. And we’ve gotten to see all of that in the last several seasons,” Kelly says.

But now, as Kelly reports, the show is reclaiming its sense of humor… even if it’s gallows humor!

“It feels like we’re taking little shifts back toward things being a bit easier on everybody. And if not easier, the characters are taking them more lightly,” she explains.

“That’s what the fans have to look forward to in Krista’s leadership, and it’s right there in the first episode of the season.”

But don’t think the show is becoming too happy-go-lucky. This is #TGIT, after all, you’re gonna want your popcorn and your wine at the ready.

“We’ll still have our guest-stars coming in where you’ll still need your tissue box, but we’re going to enjoy our characters having a bit of fun and swing between a little drama and comedy,” Giacomo says.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 premieres on Thursday, September 28, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.