Meet Hanna\'s \'Pretty Little Liars\' Fiancé
David Coussins
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Pretty Little Liars

Meet Hanna’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fiancé


Hanna has a new man — a fiancé, to be exact — on Pretty Little Liars Season 6, and now we finally know a bit about him. Spoiler alert: he's hot.

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TVLine reports Hanna's new guy is named Jordan, and he's played by Aussie Actor David Coussins.

David Coussins
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Like Han, this new dude is big into the fashion industry, and is also described as "down-to-earth," with sophistication and swagger. That's cool and all, but does he have magical hacking skills and never-ending loyalty like Caleb?

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As we learned in the "Five Years Forward" special, Hanna met Jordan while she was interning in Europe after college. If you ask us, she got engaged pretty darned quickly — assuming she took four years in school, they can't have been together for more than a year.

David Coussins
Credit: IMDB    

Of course, if you ask us, she also belongs with Caleb forever and always, so we're not exactly an unbiased source.  

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While we kind of hate Jordan-the-character on principle, we're certainly not going to complain about having David-the-actor on our screens next season. Just look at that face! We guess having a new hottie around is the consolation prize for this Haleb breakup.

We'll take it... For now, anyway.

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 winter premiere on Tuesday, January 12 on Freeform.

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