Heather Thomson: Josh Taekman Is “Innocent” in Ashley Madison Scandal
Heather Thomson and Kristen Taekman Watch What Happens Live – Season 12
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Real Housewives of New York

Heather Thomson: Josh Taekman Is “Innocent” in Ashley Madison Scandal


Will the Ashley Madison scandal ever end? Not for the many people who are affected by it — even the innocent ones. Real Housewives of New York’s Josh Taekman is one of those “innocent” ones, maintaining he didn’t cheat on wife Kristen — and co-star Heather Thomson is now backing him up.


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“The Ashley Madison thing is unfortunate because Josh is is completely innocent,” Heather tells Us Weekly. “If you knew Josh the way I know him, you’d be completely like, ‘Of course he would sign up for that with his buddies!’ That’s a total Josh thing to do! He has a very fraternity side to him that I love.”


This goes along with what Josh has been saying all along — that he signed up for fun — and we’d like to believe them both. If he was searching for a mistress in earnest, it would crush Kristen.


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And speaking of Kristen? If you ask Heather, her marriage to Josh is going to be just fine.


“Kristen is a trooper and taking it like a trooper. Josh took it like a trooper too for the [first] season of the show when he was made out to look like such a douche when he’s not,” Heather adds. “They’re going to be fine. They are my friends for life. I count them among my dearest friends. There is nothing but love there.”


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If nothing else, Josh and Kristen have solid support from Heather. Fingers crossed there’s nothing sketchy going on here!